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comprehensive meaning in tamil

Two major schemes, the National Rural Health Mission and Tamil Nadu Health System Project are being implemented to achieve the goal of universal healthcare in the State. The multi-specialty hospital in Chennai’s Anna Salai proposes to provide specialty treatment free of cost to the needy, will house modern equipment; medical experts, nurses and technical staff will also be appointed.

They’ll also consider your symptoms, do a physical exam, and most likely do other tests. More-common forms of radiation, such as electromagnetic fields from power lines and radiofrequency radiation from microwave ovens have not been shown to increase the risk of glioma. The LTTE also established a presence in Eritrea, which is known to be a major shipment point in the informal arms market. It is suspected that the LTTE has interactions with Al Qaeda affiliated groups in the Eritrean Network.


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The user can change map settings to display different features (e.g., leadership changes), adjust the time scale, and trace individual groups. Since 1992, the LTTE has been included in a list of terrorist organizations by the Indian government under The Unlawful Activities Act, 1967. Over 32 different states have listed the LTTE as a terrorist organization, including Malaysia, the US, India, the UK, the EU, Canada, etc. The LTTE was designated a “foreign terrorist organization” by the US government under the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.

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However, after six rounds of additional talks in Thailand and Japan, the LTTE announced the suspension of further talks in 2003. Some experts believe this was a tactical move to garner further concessions from the Sri Lankan government. After the breakdown of another round of peace talks in 2006, the Sri Lankan government launched an all-out offensive against the LTTE. On May 17, 2009, an LTTE representative conceded the defeat of the LTTE by government forces.

comprehensive meaning in tamil

A regular file whose user class has full permissions and whose group and others classes have only the read and execute permissions. The state health insurance programs provide health care support to the below poverty line population with each state having its own scheme or relief fund. The new scheme, covering 950 medical procedures, provides an insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh per year, which would be allowed up to Rs 1.50 lakh for treatment of certain diseases. An insight into the health insurance schemes and policies as promoted by the Government. The key to understanding health Insurance is to become an informed consumer by knowing its definitions, terms and conditions before you plan to buy it. The government will focus on improvement of primary health care facilities in urban areas. The 60 centers already sanctioned under the National Rural Health Mission, will be shifted under the administrative and technical control of the Directorate of Public Health.

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Some of the areas where metric analysis is often needed include resources, cost, time, scope, quality, safety, and actions. Project managers have the responsibility to choose metrics that provide the best analysis and directional insight for a project. Metrics are followed in order to measure the overall progression, production, and performance. Portfolio managers use metrics to identify investing allocations in a portfolio.

FCI and VITM-Bengaluru set up country’s first food museum at Thanjavur – The New Indian Express

FCI and VITM-Bengaluru set up country’s first food museum at Thanjavur.

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This scheme will cover 1,016 procedures, 113 follow-up procedures and 23 diagnostic procedures. The cost of tests necessary for treatment would also be part of the insurance cover. It is more than a handy guide for anyone who needs an authoritative and comprehensive dictionary app at work or at home to enhance his/her new vocabulary every day. This dictionary is the best fit to run on your mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. If you are an active language learner, you will definitely fall in love with this app.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme In Tamil Nadu

The LTTE also targeted Sri Lankan Tamil politicians who did not support the LTTE and their goals, as well as other rival Tamil militant groups in Sri Lanka. Some of the group’s most controversial suicide attacks include the assassinations of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, and former Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

comprehensive meaning in tamil

Prabhakaran was killed by government forces on May 18, 2009, bringing an immediate end to the conflict and the LTTE. The LTTE also maintained a presence in South Africa that included propaganda, fund-raising, training camps, weapons procurement, and shipping activity. South Africa has a large and politically active Sri Lankan Tamil community and hence a great deal of LTTE influence. This is believed to have lead to the formation of a South African Tamil Tigers, trained by both LTTE personnel as well as military organizations from the Apartheid era. The LTTE spread their influence by highlighting commonalities between the South African Tamils and the Sri Lankan Tamils. Politically, the LTTE tried to gain the support of various important South African political leaders, including those in the ANC. The LTTE did not attempt to actively mobilize the Sri Lankan Tamil community in the Middle East to the extent that t did in other overseas propaganda and fund-raising operations.

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An LTTE shipping fleet was also involved in providing logistical support for the Al Qaeda-affiliated Pakistani group Harakat-al Mujahideen. In 2006, Canada listed the LTTE as a terrorist organization pursuant to its criminal code. The LTTE is one of several violent offshoots of the Tamil United Liberation Front , formerly the Tamil United Front .

  • However, sometimes scientific and philosophical terms are difficult to define without obscurity.
  • The World is a public radio program that crosses borders and time zones to bring home the stories that matter.
  • Contact a health care provider if you have questions about your health.
  • The LTTE also maintains relationships with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Aby Sayyaf in the Philippines in activities related to fund transfers and training operations.
  • The LTTE also controlled the majority of smuggling of Tamil people to Western countries; for example, it generally costs between $10,000-40,000 for a Sri Lankan Tamil to get to Canada illegally.

A US Senate Foreign Relations Committee report in December 2006 claims that the Eritrean government directly supports the LTTE. The LTTE also maintains relationships with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Aby Sayyaf in the Philippines in activities related to fund transfers and training operations. The LTTE has developed relationships with various Islamist groups because of its criminal activities in the informal arms market, rather than any form of ideological affinity. By the 1990s, the LTTE had developed a close relationship with the Kurdish Support Group in France and had modeled their diaspora funding efforts after the Kurdish example. The LTTE’s acquisition of 11 Greek surface to air missiles was reportedly a result of the LTTE’s relationship with the PKK. Furthermore, it is believed that Otharad Cargo, an LTTE-operated cargo company based in Dubai, received military hardware from the Sharjah network, a large Taliban weapons-procurement operation. In Karachi, Pakistan, the LTTE registered a front company that obtained weapons for both the LTTE and Pakistani militant groups.

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The American Society of Clinical Oncology believes that all treatment decisions should be made between patients and their doctors. If by any chance comprehensive meaning in tamil you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we’ll take care of it shortly.

The first set of talks with the government took place in 1985 in Bhutan, and was followed by an accord between India and Sri Lanka in 1987. The Indian government agreed to intervene in the Sri Lankan conflict and provide a peacekeeping force to ensure that the LTTE disarmed. The Indians were unable to subdue the LTTE and withdrew in 1990, giving the LTTE time to re-group and eliminate dissenters among the Tamil population. Peace talks continued throughout the 1990s and were largely unsuccessful. During this period, the LTTE adopted “hit-and-run” tactics wherein peace talks were alternated with bouts of violence and clashes between the LTTE and government forces. The most significant negotiation occurred in February 2002 when Norway, serving as a mediator, helped secure a ceasefire between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government.

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This app offers you a fast-paced approach to translating English words into Tamil with a simple click of a button. To define a horse as “a member of the species equus” would convey no information whatsoever. For this reason, Locke adds that a definition of a term must not consist of terms which are synonymous with it. Note, however, that it is acceptable to define two relative terms in respect of each other. Clearly, we cannot define “antecedent” without using the term “consequent”, nor conversely.

What is the difference between comprehensive and extensive?

As adjectives the difference between extensive and comprehensive. is that extensive is in the nature of an extent, wide, widespread while comprehensive is broadly]] or completely covering; [[includeincluding a large proportion of something.

Proper Noun – The pronoun is a word used in place of one or more nouns. Verb – A verb is a word that expresses an action or a state of being. The training videos contain comprehensive information on all aspects of good environmental practice at farm level, presented in an interesting and stimulating manner.

  • In order to establish a useful metric, a manager must first assess its goals.
  • At least one camp per month per empanelled hospital will be held in the districts in every policy year.
  • After a number of failed negotiations, the Sri Lankan government declared an all-out offensive against the LTTE in 2006.
  • Some examples are in, out, under, over, after, out, into, up, down, for, and between.

First edition 1862, published by Asian Educational Service.This book is one of the rare book in Tamil. The Tamils remembering this authors contribution on Tamil lexicon. The permissions on a file or directory tell the server how in what ways it should be able to interact with a file or directory. It is possible that this error is caused by having too many processes in the server queue for your individual account. Every account on our server may only have 25 simultaneous processes active at any point in time whether they are related to your site or other processes owned by your user such as mail. There are a few common causes for this error code including problems with the individual script that may be executed upon request. In today’s age of consumerism, insurance requirements have expanded to keep pace with the increasing risks.

Terms with the same pronunciation and spelling but unrelated meanings are called homonyms, while terms with the same spelling and pronunciation and related meanings are called polysemes. It must be applicable to everything to which the defined term applies (i.e. not miss anything out), and to nothing else (i.e. not include any things to which the defined term would not truly apply).

comprehensive meaning in tamil