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The name “BabyBjörn” is synonymous with baby carriers, in the way that “Q-Tip” has come to refer to any cotton swab. The baby mattress company was founded in 1961, but their carriers have come under scrutiny recently, over concerns that they possibly hurt a baby’s hips (BabyBjörn refutes those concerns here). That being said, the original carrier is affordable, small, easy to use, and easy to pack. If you get a hand-me-down carrier, it will probably be this one .

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  • Lastly, one of the biggest dangers of babywearing is that most people don’t really know how to use them correctly.
  • As I said, Carrie and I never did the sling or baby carrier thing.
  • We switched to a Boba carrier around 14 most as it was much more comfortable to back carry while traveling.
  • Don’t forget it’s pretty much impossible to do the ‘shirt up / top down’ thing when your baby is in a wrap.
  • It certainly wasn’t easy trying to cross every item off my grocery list with three young kids in tow, but we did it anyway out of necessity.
  • The two sewn-in rings in the back are how you’ll tighten and loosen the carrier so it’s customized to fit any size wearer.
  • If your dog seems spooked by this new contraption you’re wearing (that may also cry & move around) you’ll want to know this before you start walking.

For those post c-section, folding the skirt under your tummy can offer extra support to your abdominal muscles. They’re designed specifically for newborns, so you won’t be able to use one for very long. You and your baby will always need to be in an upright position while babywearing. Baby wearing can also help you practice responsive feeding. Responsive feeding is when you feed your baby based on early hunger cues rather than feed them on a schedule or wait for them to cry. A 2018 study showed that mothers who wear their babies are more likely to practice responsive feeding and more likely to still be exclusively breastfeeding at 6 months than mothers who didn’t.


Babywearing Can Help Contribute To Babys Positive Growth

This fall collection was all about comfort, about those colours that seem like home, and safety, and warmth. I have more experience with cold babywearing than hot (I’ve been out in the -40os), but we do get some hot days each year. For mesh and sun-protection slings, you can also try to score something WAHM-made or secondhand by checking out eBay and Etsy, as well as consignment shops.

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Some examples of sling carriers are Maya Wrap, P-Sling, and Comfy Joey. Western interest in the podaegi style has led to new wrapping methods which do go over the shoulders, and to narrower “blankets”. Variants of this shape include the Iu-Mienh/Hmong carrier and the Chinese bei bei. Iu-Mienh/Hmong carriers and bei beis are both customarily used with over-the-shoulder wrapping and often have stiff sections which help provide head support or block wind. There are different carrying positions possible with a wrap, depending on the length of the fabric. A baby or toddler can be carried on the wearer’s front, back or hip.

A new carrier can range in price from $30 to upwards of $200. The most economical choice is the wrap style carrier, which is usually priced around $40. Soft structured carriers range from about $60 to $160. But once you’ve chosen the right carrier and learned how to use it, baby wearing will become second nature.

Your baby should be positioned in a way that doesn’t put stress or strain on your own body. If you have back problems or other conditions that could be affected, speak with your doctor. Advanced classes are available for those seeking more in-depth babywearing knowledge.

How We Chose The Best Baby Carriers

You can also use this baby carrier for breastfeeding – it gives you the privacy and the baby sheltered and cozy place. Most parents who use Boba Wrap also agree that it helps to sooth fussy and colic baby. There aren’t many negative reviews for this baby carrier wrap. However, there are reports that it starts to show signs of wearing with time. Another common highlight among the reviews is how cozy, comfortable, and soft this wrap is for the baby. Most parents say that the babies fall asleep every time they are put in it.